Hypergear wants you to embrace the great outdoors

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Always on the lookout for new adventures, Hypergear has grown beyond just waterproof bags into a popular lifestyle brand.

Homegrown Hypergear delivers stylish, high-quality gear for adventure seekers

STARTING out by producing and selling waterproof bags in Malaysia over a decade ago, Hypergear has become a pioneer in adventure gear, toted by scuba divers to off-road cyclists.

“We started out in 2009 after observing a gap in the market for travellers – a lack of protective bags for one’s gadgets and belongings that can withstand the elements.

This was how Hypergear came to life, by introducing waterproof phone pouches, bags and more recently, accessories such as hats and jackets,” shares Managing Director Jack Lee.

“I was travelling in Thailand when I first laid eyes on waterproof bags and this sparked the idea to bring it into the Malaysian market!”

Lee started from scratch – developing product Research & Development (R&D) to designing and creating the perfect waterproof bag.

Lee says that customer experience is the centre of Hypergear’s product innovation.

The idea was to create products that can protect valuables against harsh weather conditions, so that one can have peace of mind whether kayaking, hiking or travelling through rough terrain.


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The Ark Team, a group of Sabah-based adventure enthusiasts are part of a growing community of Hypergear’s brand ambassadors

Their slogan "Get Out There" is a call to action for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travellers. However, their products aren’t for just the wilderness.

Hypergear also caters to those looking for a durable everyday bag that is both stylish and functional, added Lee.

While Hypergear has become synonymous with adventure gear amongst Malaysians, Lee shared that the brand’s success did not come easy:

“Market education was initially very challenging, but customers began to trust us because of our product quality.”

In 2018, to expand its business presence online, Hypergear set up its social media channels.

As customers began sharing positive feedback, sales also increased in tandem.

The company beefed up digital marketing through its website, featuring blogs on scenic cycling trails in the Klang Valley, the best diving spots in Sabah and must-visit camping sites across Malaysia.

The brand also collaborated with influencers, which resonated with its consumers.

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